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Ruby on Rails since 2019 | Javascript since 2019 | Python since 2023

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I'm Bruno, a former lawyer and a Ruby on Rails, Python and Javascript full-stack developer with stronger skills in the backend.

In this 4 years of commercial experience, I've always worked with JS technologies, such as NodeJS, ReactJS and EmberJS. I’m also a Python developer (Flask, FastAPI and Django).

API-wise, I've worked mainly with RESTful patterns, but I also have one year of experience working with GraphQL API.  

Besides a short period where I've worked with MongoDB, I mainly work with relational databases, such as Postgres and MySQL. 
I add tests with Rspec for every feature I create, either unit, request or feature spec.

I also work on improving our app performance, such as fixing N+1 query issues and rebuilding queries, and reducing our technical debt with the help of Sentry and SonarQube reports. 

I have good communication skills and I’m a team player. Discussing, elaborating, and debating a solution reduces the need for help and re-work. 
I've always worked in agile teams that apply scrum methodology. I can handle my tasks with the needed urgency bringing a good attitude to the team: ownership, accountability, and attention to detail. 

I'm focused on delivering a high-level product by writing quality code applying RoR best practices, SOLID principles, DRY principle, OOP mindset, and Clean Code.

Well, thats me in a nutshell.