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Rails expert. Building and shipping with Rails since 2005.

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I have been building Ruby on Rails applications since 2005.

That means I've worked with (built, upgraded, maintained, etc.) production apps from the early days of Rails 2 and 3 to the latest and greatest Rails 7. I have written extensively about Rails, spoken at conferences about Rails, and trained others on how to be effective with Rails. And in addition to doing the hands on work, I've also lead and grown teams of Rails developers through coaching and mentorship.

But I might not be a good fit for your project.

Why? Well, having lived through all the trends, fads, and short-lived experiments that have hit the Rails community over the last twenty years, I have settled on one guiding principle.


I won't waste your time with clever code, strongly-held personal preferences, or experimenting with new shiny toys. I won't waste my time adopting your re-invented wheels, deviations from Rails conventions, or overly complex solutions to simple problems.

No. Instead I will help you use Rails in the simplest and most effective way possible to achieve the outcomes you need.

So, if you need to get from "old, complex, and fragile" to "simple, reliable, and modern" and you want to do it in a way that balances cost, risk and timing, let's chat.