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RoR, Hotwire, Tailwind, Docker | Remote Freelance

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Software engineer and full-stack web developer with 15 years of experience incl. 7 years CTO.

  • Versatile across the stack, detail oriented, strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Held positions in mental health, nuclear medicine, and cybersecurity industries
  • Key experience with content-centric apps, REST APIs, control systems. Ruby on Rails and Java.

Main Technologies

  • RoR, Postgresql, Hotwire, Tailwind, HTML5 & CSS3, Docker
  • Kotlin, Java, Jetpack Compose

Fields of Expertise

  • REST API design
  • Data modelling and database management
  • SaaS payment systems
  • audio-video content delivery
  • front-end tooling
  • admin dashboards and data visualization
  • testing, CI/CD

Key Achievements

  • full rewrite of front-end (tool-chain, design, code)
  • full rewrite of Imagine Clarity Android app (Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, Turbo Native)
  • full rewrite of web and Android native media players (Vidstack, ExoPlayer)
  • full integration of Stripe, Google, Apple payments (checkout, subscriptions)
  • full rewrite of admin panels and data visualization dashboards (Avo, Blazer)
  • experience with Swift UI, Node, React, Next.js, GraphQL
  • master in mechanical engineering (UCL, Belgium, 2007): fluid dynamics, finite element methods, numerical simulations