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I'm a seasoned technology leader with over 21 years of experience driving innovation and building successful software solutions. My expertise lies in full-stack development, particularly with Ruby on Rails, where I possess 16+ years of in-depth experience.

Throughout my career, I've thrived in both fast-paced startups and established organizations. I currently lead a team at a high-growth mid-stage startup, spearheading the development and improvement of our Ruby on Rails platform.

Previously, as CTO of a travel startup, I oversaw the entire product lifecycle, achieving remarkable growth by building a high-performing tech team and fostering a culture of innovation. Before my role as a CTO, I worked for over six years as a Ruby on Rails contractor, where I consistently delivered value to my clients.

My passion for technology extends beyond development. I excel in communication and collaboration. I'm comfortable working remotely and have a proven track record of success in building and leading effective teams.

I'm a strong believer in continuous learning and improvement. I'm always looking for opportunities to expand my skillset and tackle new challenges.

Let's connect and discuss how I can leverage my experience and expertise for you!