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Fullstack Rails Dev, DevOps Enthusiast, Product Buff, Teamplayer

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With over 20 years of comprehensive experience in technology and entrepreneurship, I have established a distinctive expertise in software development, specializing in Ruby, Rails, and various JavaScript-based frontend technologies.

My journey with Ruby on Rails began in 2006. Over the years, I have developed numerous products, transitioning to freelancing in 2010. As an enthusiast in Rails Development and DevOps, I have played a crucial role in the digital product development for prominent companies, including Moviepilot, Friendticker, DailyDeal, as well as industry leaders like Google and VIACOM.

Between 2015 and 2020, I served as a digital consultant for a renowned consulting firm, contributing to projects for global clients across various sectors. My role involved spearheading digital transformations and developing market-leading products, working collaboratively with diverse teams.

In 2023, I refocused my efforts on Ruby on Rails, particularly on crafting SPA-like user experiences using advanced technologies such as Hotwire 7, Turbo Frames, Turbo Streams, and the forthcoming MorphDOM features in Hotwire 8.