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🙋‍♂️ 3+ years in SaaS startups, 2 years with Rails and React. I'm a team player and skilled mentor who loves to infuse a spirit of curiosity and dedication into a team.

A humanities teacher in a former life, in 2020 I taught myself coding and entered the world of high-growth tech startups. The people skills, work ethic, and quick learning that I picked up as a teacher have served me well as a developer and technical collaborator bringing products to life.

A few of my accomplishments:

  • I've mentored developers and created team knowledge-sharing institutions (e.g. engineering book clubs, #TIL channels).
  • I've automated manual processes from hours in spreadsheets down to minutes in custom-built, user-friendly UIs.
  • I've optimized painfully slow pages to instantaneous loading, as well as background jobs from minutes down to seconds with improved reliability.
  • I've written hundreds of pages of product and developer documentation.