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Expert Ruby on Rails developer with 5+ years of experience building and maintaining high-performing, scalable and maintainable web applications

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As a Ruby on Rails developer, my unique combination of technical skills and passion for building high-quality web applications sets me apart from others. I am constantly seeking to learn new technologies and methodologies to improve my skills.

I am passionate about building clean, efficient and maintainable code. I believe that good code is the foundation of any successful application and I strive to write code that is easy to understand and modify.

My unique skills that make me awesome as a Ruby on Rails developer include my ability to understand and work with various APIs, my experience with various front-end frameworks and my proficiency in writing clean and efficient code. I am confident that my skills and experience make me an asset to any organization.

I have a background in graphics design and copywriting as well. It makes me an all round developer with the ability to predict whats demanded in the market.