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I am a 2 years Full-Stack Web Developer stack: JavaScript, React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

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I am a skilled Full-Stack Web Developer who loves making pages with beautiful UI. I have studied at Microverse, and I am experienced in remote work.

I'm experienced in making personal projects on my GitHub, I've gained experience in:
- A lot of languages and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, Redux, Ruby, Ruby on Rails.
- Remote and Collaborative work
- Learning new frameworks in a short period of time
- Translating business requirements into software solutions
- Multitasking and effectively managing time and prioritization
- Communicating information effectively to technical and non-technical people
- Deploying apps (Heroku, Netlify)
- Using linters (code standards)
- Maintaining professional Github Repos

I've also been a good helping hand to a lot of developers in different communities (reach out if you need help, I'm always happy to give a hand)!

if you'd like to get in contact about potential job opportunities, please reach out!