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Throughout my 15+ years of working as a software developer I sought out different work environments in order to get a feel for the entire software development industry. I started by working at a large consultancy. After learning the basics of working as a team and with clients I decided to take a shot a running my own consultancy. This is when I started Bitpop. During these years I learned about the many positives and negatives of running your own business but more importantly I learned how to really listen to customer needs. My next adventure took me to working at a pure product company (FiveStreet) where I was the first engineer hire and ended up being acquired by This gave me a different POV on how to develop a product. Finally, I co-founded Cetus Labs and developed Octopi. I was the CTO for a mission critical application that helps the shipping industry track its cargo. We were acquired by Navis where I currently work at as a Director of Engineering. My current responsibilities include managing a team of 10+ remote developers and being one of the senior architects for the platform.

I like to collaborate with other developers and discuss ideas before writing code. I believe that balance is the key to a successful product. I see software as a tool to solve problems and increase the bottom line. I believe that there is no perfect code base but we should strive to make it the best possible. I believe that keeping our team happy is as important as keeping customers happy.

Other things I enjoy include running around and screaming with my daughter, creating music, astronomy, reading books, imagining stories and movies (if my daughter lets me watch something other than Monsters Inc.).