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I am a technology leader focused on product development.

I've worked with companies across different industries to deliver the highest quality software with the most effective development teams. At Echobind, I helped scale our engineering team from being the first hire to hiring, onboarding and mentoring multiple engineers while gaining more than $200k in business development by working with clients to deliver their most valuable ROI's in half the time. At, I lead the frontend development of the 2nd generation segmentation engine for their user interface. Currently, I lead a team of 4 engineers and work on complex systems in the clinical trial space - improving the performance of existing systems while balancing the scales of legacy tech with new paradigms.

I aim to bring clarity, focus and execution - defining and driving the technology implementation and working with team members together to execute the game plan effectively. My goal is to lead by example and help others to achieve their goals in every aspect of technology, from DevOps to sales.