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I have expertise on both the fundamentals and languages of programming including a variety of frameworks such as React and Ruby on Rails. I am ready for a new developer role equipped with enthusiasm, knowledge and undeniable potential.

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I am a Le Wagon alumni, that specialises student on Ruby in Rails, and recently graduated student of Finance and Accounting at University of Sunderland.

I have a huge interest in coding, UI/UX Design and Frontend Development in general. I am keen to learn new languages, technologies, and frameworks to improve my current skill set that will help my future team in developing apps.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than solving challenging tasks.
I am self-motivated, team player who is ready to proceed my career in Frontend development.

When not coding, I am training at ARC CrossFit as their Athlete. Also, I am passionate about nutrition, health and fitness and help others with similar interests to achieve their fitness goals. Love retrogaming especially using my Super Mario mini console and my favourite emoji is 🐐.