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As a seasoned Ruby on Rails Developer and Data Engineer with over 10 years of expertise, I specialize in architecting, developing, and optimizing applications to deliver high-quality, business-aligned solutions. My background includes extensive experience in developing top-notch fintech, telecom, non-profit, ecommerce, sports/games applications and end-to-end business solutions. I excel in mentoring engineers, advocating best practices, and fostering a collaborative environment that promotes continuous learning and growth. In my role as a Staff Engineer, I bring leadership experience to the table, driving the development team towards excellence through strategic guidance, effective communication, and the implementation of scalable, secure solutions that adhere to industry standards.

Open Source Work 1 (three merged pull requests)

Open source tests and work 2:

Open source sample 3

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Blog: http://hudhud-house.herokuapp dot com/pages/get_listing