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Full Stack Web Developer : Freelance | RoR | Stimulus | Turbo | CSS | Vanilla Javascript

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I am a freelance full stack web developer who has experience taking company ideas from scratch to production.

I started with Ruby on Rails at the beginning of COVID and have been freelancing for the past year.

One of my current projects is, I am the main developer behind the project.

The project deals with YouTube data and provides an aggregated search interface and enriches music/YouTube data to make a better search experience for users.

The platform is able to shazam every video and cross reference the data with self made music libraries in order to enrich the data. Using this information it can provide information such as author, composer, lyrics, recording date, and better recommendations.

It also provides a clipping feature which is used to loop and act as a learning tool.

Looking for remote work opportunities to continue my software development career.

I am 🇺🇸American 🇩🇪Berlin Based and I have the ability to work in the US and in Europe.