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I am a current Network Engineer looking to pivot from support to development with Ruby and Rails. I am currently self taught spending my free time working on small projects with Ruby and Rails.

I am coachable and over time can utilize my youth baseball coaching experience to become a leader and a mentor. I enjoy helping others and building on my experiences with my players and teammates. I have the passion to learn and continue enhancing my knowledge so that I can be the best version of myself.

I have taken leadership courses facilitated by the public school system in my town. Those courses have provided me with the tools to lead not only in my community but lead myself so that I can become successful. I am also CompTIA Project+ certified.

I look forward to becoming more active in the community so that I can help others as they have helped me. I have the tools and the passion to succeed in any endeavor that I set out on. I am excited for what comes next.