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I'm a full-stack developer who specializes in using Ruby-on-Rails and React to build web apps.

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I have always been curious to know how complex websites like facebook and browser engines like google function and store the large amount of data entered by its users. What happens behind the scenes to manage these complexities? The need to find answers to some of these questions led me to start taking some online coding courses like SQL and C++. And this is how my coding journey started.
I have over two years of professional experience building web applications using Ruby-on-Rails and React. Some of these projects include a doctors-booking-app using Ruby-on-Rails on the backend and React/Redux on the frontend, Parking-management-app also using Ruby-on-Rails on the backend and React/Redux on the frontend.
I am very passionate about solving both local and global problems using web technologies. I also give professional advice with my business acumen and coding knowledge. I love to support businesses to grow by building applications that automate routine tasks. Workers can then focus more on the initiative and creative aspect of the business.