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Fresh out of the army I decided to join Fullstack Academy's PERN stack bootcamp. About halfway through when we started getting freedom to explore more technologies and implement them in our projects I discovered Rails. Immediately I knew I had no more interest in pursuing a role as a JS developer and it's been full steam ahead for Rails. Now that I'm graduated and job searching I'm spending every day honing my Rails skills and learning all that I can.

Recently I put my skills to the test for my final project for the bootcamp. Myself and five others were tasked with building a mobile app, which we decided to use a Rails API at my request. I was the only one comfortable with Rails, so the task of actually building the API was left to me. While the others were doing wireframes, figma mock ups, and starting to get the React Native app going I created the DB schema and built the entirety of our back end, from endpoints to devise user authentication.

I've recently started diving more into Active Record and learning how to use associations to the fullest. It's made my work on my most recent project much easier than I thought it would be.

I have an extreme passion for Rails and I'm learning every day. I'm confident that I will excel in any junior role I step into. I'm incredibly persistent and a self starter. If there's a skill I need to get something done that I don't already have, by the end of the day I'll have thoroughly researched it and began to figure out what I'm doing a bit better. Becoming a Rails engineer is my dream, and I'll do anything to make that happen.