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Product-oriented Full-Stack Engineer with 11 y/e

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Hey 👋

I'm a Full-Stack engineer with a passion for creating products.

I want to work in a startup or product company as a full-stack or backend developer with the possibility to lead a team as an Engineering manager.

I hold a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics and have been honing my skills in the tech industry for the past 11 years. During this time, I've gained experience working with a variety of programming languages including Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, TypeScript & React.

I am a co-organizer of meetups #pivorak, speaker, and mentor.

I have worked in different company sizes from small product companies where I have built several apps for the booking & sports industries to huge companies like Toptal as a core team member. I know how to work in small fast-paced startups and big enterprise companies with rigid rules.

My recent experience is building an MPV from scratch for a video streaming sports platform called Local Sports Network.
Later, the product was growing and I become an Engineering Manager of a small team.

I would love to join a small fast-growing team and use my tech, organizational & management skills for leading to success. Always looking for opportunities to learn.

Motto: always make new mistakes