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A skilled full-stack web developer who completed industry-level projects at Microverse using a variety of technologies, including Ruby on Rails and React.

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Hi! I'm a full-stack web developer. I am enrolled in a software development program at Microverse, a remote software development school that uses pair programming and real-world projects to teach development.

I am recently completed my full-stack development coursework. In the last several months, I have collaborated with other developers to build seven industry-level projects with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Typescript JavaScript, React, and Redux. These projects helped solve problems faced by our community. One of the projects entailed developing a budget tracking application that categorizes spending and allows users to set and track financial goals. To create the application, I used my knowledge of Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Sass. My application was well received by code reviewers and program-mates, and I received positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive budget-tracking features.

Apart from software development, I have customer service, which requires important skills relevant to software development, such as effective communication and understanding the needs of my co-workers to create a productive working environment.