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Skilled JavaScript/Ruby on Rails developer with industry experience. Able to learn and implement new technologies quickly and efficiently. My skills include Node.js, React.js, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, and CSS3 as well as Linux, Git, Heroku and AWS(EC2).

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I have been a web/software developer for the past 5 years both as a freelancer, hobbyist, intern and a full-time employee.

My natural strengths are curiosity and eagerness to learn and this has led me to look at interesting websites and try to replicate their functionality in areas such as design and animations. I can understand and translate requirements into code, which has led to recurrent successes in my professional life as a web developer, from small personal websites to institutional web portals. I pride myself in having a keen attention to detail and a strong work ethic, finishing my work on time and doing my best to fulfil requirements.

I tend to go above and beyond my assigned tasks and particularly enjoy looking into the inner workings of systems that I have access to. In my previous role, i was able to reduce server costs significantly by optimizing a particular service that was being repeated multiple times instead of just once when requesting reports from the server. That would not have been possible if I wasn’t curious enough to look at the logs and see what was happening. I was also able to improve the speed of delivery by creating a uniform template for our web applications. I noticed that our products had a rather similar design and functionality on things like authentication and general layout so some items could be reused. This completely erased starting over from scratch saving us precious time from start to finish. All this can be attributed to my creativity, curiosity and desire for optimized work that I believe gives me an edge over the others.