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Hi, I'm Mansa and I'm a self-taught software writer who likes to experiment and innovate.

I wrote several gems and I recently became a Rails contributor. The most useful software I wrote is a Rails extension to provide a convenient way to model semi-structured data in Rails. It turns out that they had a similar idea at Shopify but with fewer features, so I was asked to wait for them to open and merge their PRs to adapt my solution to theirs.

My most innovative experiment is a Ruby background job processing framework powered by Elixir.

I'm currently interested in the process of creating reactive Rails applications with tools like Hotwire, StimulusReflex (and CableReady). I wrote an article (which made it to the Hotwiring Rails newsletter) about how we can use Kredis with Turbo Streams. I started to open PRs to extend ActionCable and I plan to do more in the future to make sure that Rails remains a good candidate for developing real-time applications.

I can help you:

  • Write Rails plugins (or PRs) to add features to Rails.
  • Write Ruby gems to extract some logic out of your application.
  • Extend existing gems.

Feel free to reach out to me! Let's have an informal conversation to see if there's a good fit 💯.