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Ruby programmer with experience in many different technologies

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I started programming almost 20 years ago and throughout that time encountered many languages, concepts, frameworks and technologies. These days I work almost exclusively on web applications using Ruby but experience from other domains can still be seen in my work and is used to bring solutions that are not obvious to everybody.
Working in many different roles and with teams of different sizes, I'm fast to adapt to any remote setup you have going. If you need somebody to be part of a fast growing environment, I'm perfect for the role because I led some impressive growth-centered startups. I conducted hundreds of interviews and helped many junior developers to grow which could be convenient if mentoring is something you value in your organization.

Last but not least, I have a lot of experience working on contracting jobs for companies with specific problems in various domains so I'm no stranger to "getting my hands dirty" with apps that have issues. Whatever the problem is - I saw worse and won't run screaming.