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Fractional CTO - 20 years of launching startups

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Launch your MVP in two weeks with an experienced CTO.

Only 0.05% of startups make it off the runway. Founders need to move fast and have a clear vision. Build your web or mobile app with the help of a startup specialist with over two decades of experience.

Hit the market ASAP with a functional app

Kickstart your development process and launch in as little as two weeks. Whether you’ve raised a seed round or you’re bootstrapping, time-to-market is crucial. You don’t have the time and money to waste on mistakes or miscalculations. You don’t need to, because I’ve been taking fuzzy ideas and rapidly turning them into real products for the last 20 years.

Get a rock-solid foundation that lasts

This phase of your business lays the groundwork for the future. Technical decisions made today can have downstream effects that severely impact your bottom line. An agile development process is not just about writing code fast, it’s about designing an entire technical stack that can be easily adapted to an ever-changing landscape.

Use a crystal clear development process and roadmap

Business doesn’t stop once you have a product. You need a development process that’s battle-tested and easy to understand. You also need a roadmap to help you navigate upcoming technical and UX challenges. I’ll help you develop a clear strategic vision where we hone in on the optimal path forward based on user needs, product market fit, and industry insights.