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☁️ 🥁 Senior Developer - Ruby, Rails, DevOps, Docker, AWS, Hotwire, JavaScript, musician

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I began my professional journey as a network engineer and Unix/Linux administrator. I taught myself various programming languages growing into Java, PHP, and C programming. I discovered Ruby on Rails around 2006, fell in love immediately, and have dedicated much of my career to using Ruby and Ruby on Rails to build web applications.

During my 20+ years of experience, I have led distributed teams, built web applications, and worked across many technology domains, including Fintech, Social Media, interactive platforms, Security, and DevOps.

I've led legacy and greenfield projects, including:
- I developed a fault-tolerant scheduling microservice with a simplified API and a 'micro frontend' for business-critical financial reports and alerts. By building a single reference service, supporting documentation, and infrastructure, we encouraged reuse and significantly lowered the total cost of ownership (TCO).
- Evangelized adopting Docker company-wide and created a robust yet straightforward technical solution to serve as a platform for CI deployments. This solution predates Docker Swarm and Kubernetes (similar to MRSK, but created in 2017). It enabled predictable, rapid, and SOC-compliant deployments, reducing risk and failures.
- Designed and implemented a robust GraphQL AuthZ system that accesses Salesforce REST resources. The architecture allowed us to leverage the substantial investment in the existing Salesforce implementation, meeting SOC and security compliance standards that passed professional third-party penetration testing.

I freelance on an OpenAI-based startup using Rails 7 and the StimulusReflex stack.
In addition to my professional career, I have played in many indie bands, opened for national acts, and scored independent films.