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My name is NSABIMANA Emmanuel.

I am a full-stack web developer with a love for problem-solving. The stacks that I enjoy working with are Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React&Redux, NodeJs&KoaJs.

........My Skills include:...........

► Front-End: JavaScript, React, Redux, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, and Bootstrap.

► Back-End: Ruby, Rails, NodeJS, and Koajs.

► Database: Postgres, MongoDB, SQL.

► Tools & Methods: Git, GitHub, Heroku, Netlify, Mobile/Responsive Development, RSpec, TDD, Chrome Dev Tools

► Professional: pair programming, agile methodologies, strong written and verbal communication, mentorship, leadership, project management, public speaking, teamwork.

..........My Work experience includes:.........

► Worked on the chrome extension or plugin using ReactJs, the extension is based on the site. The extension functionality is responsible for capturing the screenshot after selecting a given area using the hover icon and sending the image to the backend to be stored in the database.

► Worked on a cyber project using VueJs which is related to tourist attractions. The project was very big and had complex functionalities like paying the weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions using the stripe method.

► Worked on the web-admin project using ReactJs + AWS amplify and GraphQL.

► Worked on the Orbital project, a liquidity and treasury funding UI which is built to allow Orbital Treasures/Ops/Finance teams to at any given moment, see the asset/cash balances we have in our accounts. It has been built using ReactJS, and Typescript, and our library was developed using a storybook.

► Contributed to Thoth project which is a multishot system builder. It leverages a visual coding style interface to allow game designers and developers to create powerful natural language rapidly systems and prototype games.

► Contributed to the IC Inventory for XREngine, Enabled blockchain-backed inventory system using the DIP-721v2 standard.

► Contributed to the Webaverse, an open-source web3 metaverse game engine that anyone can host.

► Developed a chess game logic and lesson features to help new beginners that need to learn more about the chess game. It has strong authentication using OTP and different functionalities like payment methods (Paypal, stripe, paddle, and Braintree), account invitations, and lessons.

► School Management System: A project built in Ruby on Rails for a school management dashboard to manage the course, students, parents, users, and other features that are on site.

► Video Search App. A project built in ruby on rails used to search the video added on the home page

► WEB3 SPORTSBOOK this betting project is built in typescript which will be used by the users to bet on the games using their cryptocurrencies that are available on the metamask wallet.

► Worked on the countries statistics project built with NextJs, Apollo server, Prisma, MongoDB, and Graphql.



Accomplishments that we are proud of:

- DIP721v2 integration and minting functions working from the UI
- Canister asset storage working for storing assets fully on-chain
- Interoperable 3D NFTs using the GLB model standard.



"I am open to any technology thrown in front of me as long as it solves the problem I am trying to solve. I believe in moving fast and breaking things."

I keep myself updated with the latest technologies in the market and deliver the work as per the current market standards.