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Innovative Full Stack Engineer, transformative leader, and tech educator passionate about impactful solutions

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I started my coding journey out of curiosity and eventually became a leader of innovative projects at Ricardo Defense. In just one year, I rose from being a hands-on Full-Stack Engineer to a Software Product Lead. I initiated transformative changes such as implementing swift onboarding for junior developers and advocating for SOLID design principles.

However, my true passion lies outside of the corporate world. I have a YouTube software channel with over 14.5k subscribers, launched an educational platform called, and created over 200 individual GitHub projects aimed at teaching Software Development. My goal is to merge my technical expertise with impactful change.

My blend of technical expertise, leadership capabilities, and unrelenting drive to innovate sets me apart. Additionally, my interpersonal skills enable me to simplify complex ideas into understandable and practical information, bridging the gap between business and technology. Whether I'm guiding a team, imparting knowledge, or constructing something from scratch, I continuously aim to exceed expectations and make a positive impact.