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An accomplished Software Engineer, I hold a degree from FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore, one of Pakistan's esteemed institutions. With a strong foundation in Ruby on Rails, I have accumulated 3.5 years of experience in the field.

Currently, I serve as a back-end engineer at elGrocer, a highly successful Dubai-based startup that was acquired by Etisalat. Known for my energy and ambition, I approach tasks with maturity and responsibility. I consistently apply my programming, written communication, and management skills, always striving to stay abreast of evolving global trends. I am deeply committed to completing projects to the best of my abilities, ensuring that no task is left unfinished. By giving my all to every endeavour, I aim to minimise any potential regrets.

Throughout my career, I have gained expertise in a variety of areas. This includes working on prominent dashboards like active_admin and Avohq, as well as developing and debugging APIs. I have implemented robust API security measures using tools such as doorkeeper and have extensive experience in API whitelisting. Moreover, I have successfully utilized Kafka for event streaming, facilitating the ingestion of consumer data into MongoDB for logging purposes. My proficiency extends to writing comprehensive specifications with RSpec and handling background tasks using Rake, Sidekiq, and Resque. Additionally, I have implemented OAuth2 setups and integrated our application with QuickBooks for seamless finance management. Lastly, I have adeptly worked with multiple databases in Rails versions 7.0.1, as well as 5 and 6.

I am driven by a passion for excellence and continually seek to enhance my skills and knowledge. By leveraging my diverse experience and technical acumen, I am confident in my ability to make meaningful contributions to future projects.