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Backend Rails developer with 5 years of experience in NestJS and Data Science

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Software Engineer | Data Scientist | Industrial Engineer | Researching Neural Networks and Complex Systems

Hello! My name is Afonso and I have been working with VBA and Excel/Data scripts since 2016, as I used to work with demand forecasting for production lines. I have a company called 1950 Colab (which is also a coworking space in Belém/PA) and I work as a consultant for it. In 2020, I specialized with a Ruby on Rails Bootcamp and now I am pursuing an MBA in Data Science at USP using the R language and a Doctorate in Neural Networks in Mackenzie University. I really enjoy development architectures and I am engaged in back-end solutions. My main degrees are a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering, another in Civil Engineering, and I have a Master's in Materials Engineering from Mackenzie SP (soon I hope to add the MBA from Esalq to my resume and the doctorate).

I have worked with ISO/Procem management and processes for a long time, as well as agile projects, using the Scrum, Kanban, and Shape Up frameworks. I have been a manager of both large and small squads, and a course coordinator at a university from 2018 to 2021: this gave me a lot of experience with people and leadership.

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