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15 years of web & mobile SaaS experience. Staff-level Rubyist & open source enthusiast.

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I started developing web applications 15 years ago, when I was lucky enough to land an internship at a family friend's small software business. The meandering road I've traveled has taken me through statically compiled languages like C#, Java, Objective C and Swift, and more recently brought me to dynamic languages, like Python (with Django) and, of course, Ruby on Rails. Full-stack, back-end, front-end, mobile - I've been around the block in terms of web & mobile tech stacks.

I've been a Rails fan for many years, but my opportunity to work with it professionally finally showed up 3 years ago, at my current employer: Printavo. I knew I'd love working in Rails, as it matches the way I think about web - but I underestimated just how much I would fall in love with the framework, Ruby language and community.

Recent projects I've built in Rails:

  • User-customizable workflow automation system with triggers and actions, built with extensibility in mind
  • Feature letting customers send email from their own custom domain via our application's messaging system. Verifies domain ownership via DNS settings
  • Account plan-level feature gates, which can be overridden on an individual account basis
  • Introduced Pundit scopes and policies to better describe resource access within our app
  • Migrated from custom-rolled user activity tracking system to PaperTrail gem - transformed several years of data into new format, and wrote new controllers & views to serve PaperTrail audit log data
  • Rebuilt and enhanced global search feature, moving from ElasticSearch 1.7 to a pure Postgres-driven solution. Implemented fuzzy search using using trigrams and full text search using tsvector