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My Origin Story:
It started all some years ago in 2020, while actually it was a bit earlier on 2018 or 2017 i guess. Where i found interest in programming and so i bough me several books about C++ and and read through them while i was new i was going through the stage of i want to do everything while i wasnt acomplishing anything. A time skip to 2020 where i got my first internship as a Software Developer in C# and it was interesting and a bit stressfull but a really good leaning experience. After that i decided to go into C# even further this year on 2022 and while learning and making Projects for 7-9 months, i got in touch with Ruby. And then i wanted nothing else than that. The Ruby Community is pretty nice and the language itself made a whole lot of fun to write in, learning it even now and in the future will be a lot of fun.

- Still Learning Ruby but getting further every day
- Made my first tests and it was complicated at first but the more i do it the easier it gets

Learning and being productive making things that someone else is gonna use or will help them. Solving Problems while also privately i love to game and game dev in itself sometimes.
And sometimes watching or reading something about Universe or Science related topics is something that interests me as well.