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Hi I love using rails. The simplicity to build anything you could imagine inspires me to be creative and use rails almost on a daily basis for fun. I have been working with rails for more than 4 years, mostly hobby-wise. Currently employed for over 3 years as a Software Developer within a different domain and would love to make a transition to full-time rails development.

Some projects I've build:

  • Many filtering/Airbnb like applications with Hotwire/Stimulus on the front-end.
  • An AI assistant using text-messages to send automatic and dynamically created invoices to the correct persons.
  • Live trackers of stock-data via multiple API's

And many more stupid idea's..

Some skills I do have: Ruby on Rails, Ruby-Lang, Javascript, Typescript, Python, AlpineJS, Tailwind CSS, Hotwire, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DevOps, Agile, SCRUM, ITILv4, Heroku, AWS. Some linux and other infra related knowledge from previous job.

Would love to dive in deeper: Embedded programming for fun, learning and using Rust more often and working and committing to open source ruby (and rails) projects.