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Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with 7+ Years of Experience

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With over 7 years of hands-on experience in Ruby on Rails, I specialise in developing web services and admin tools. What sets me apart is not just technical proficiency but a keen eye for front-end aesthetics. I have a knack for making applications look good, ensuring they function seamlessly while maintaining visual appeal. This practical blend of technical prowess and design sensibility allows me to create web experiences that stand out.

Here are some key highlights of my experiences:

  • Experience working with Stimulus, Hotwire, and Turbo
  • Experience working with PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB databases
  • Experience working with Vue and React

Working alongside me, you'll find a collegial and chill teammate with a good sense of humor, fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment.

Feel free to reach out - let's connect and explore how we can create something extraordinary together.