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👋🏼Howdy! It's nice to meet you.

I've been developing with Ruby on Rails since 2006. I've built small MVPs for entrepreneurs and scaled systems that support 100s of thousands of registered users.

I've been a hands-on coder, the leader of a 75-person team, and everything in between. My experience is primarily in building B2B SaaS and back-office applications. I've also created some eCommerce and marketplace systems.

I have a lot of experience at VC-backed companies. I've also worked with small business owners and bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

I've created a (now-archived) gem with 1.4 million downloads and over 400 stars on GitHub.

As a developer, I consider myself full-stack but with a heavy emphasis on the back end. I'm not your person if you need someone to write a lot of Javascript. I'm from the monolith and backend rendering camp.

Here are some things I'm open to:

I can be a full-time senior technical leader. I've scaled and led teams through multiple layers of management. I've been a company's seniormost technologist, but I am happy to be in a more modest role.

I can be a part-time or contract technical leader. Depending on the situation, I could also contribute hands-on to the code.

I can be a part-time or contract hands-on coder.

I would consider full-time employment as a staff/principal engineer if the folks are lovely and the product area is attractive.