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There is no problem without a solution

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There is no problem without a solution.

Full Stack Dev with a solid background in Data Analysis and People Managment

Before being a Developer I graduate in Social Work and worked for the Brazilian Government.

What Social Work and Technology have in common? We are always looking to solve problems!

I used to be a Social Work Manager at one of the largest educational institutions in Brazil. Managing a team of 8 professionals and approximately 1,000 students. I was also responsible to wrangle and analyze Data using Excel, financial planning, analysis of government laws, decision making, formulate public policies, comunicate and engage stakeholders, establish partnerships with other institutions,

As a formal believer about how tech can improve the humanity conection and change people's life, even if they are not dealing with technology directly, during the COVID-19 pandemic I managed the migration of the entire care application process (that was done through printed documents) to a fully digital process in the Federal Brazilian Institute of Science and Technology.

I'm recently doing a Bootcamp at Le Wagon - Full Stack focusing in Front-End (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and Ruby on Rails.