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Hello, I’m Jorge!

I'm an engineer who can help you build your next project, I have 10 years on web development. I love to create products that deliver happiness to the end users through a rapid solution and delivery time.

I love the Rails way, and also embrace the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle on all my work so anyone can follow and contribute to the projects I have work on. My focus since 2013 have been working on creating and taking care of some products using:

  • Traditional Full Stack and Hotwire/Stimulus Rails. (HAML & SCSS my favorites for speed)
  • Rails API for mobile.
  • Creating WEB scrappers.
  • Lately integrating AI to auto generate report interprations.

Additionally, I have experience with the the following related technologies:

  • DevOps with Dokku, Docker, AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku.

  • Datastores: PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL.

  • JS: StimulusJS, Typescript, jQuery.

I enjoy having lasting relationships, where we can build an amazing product together as a freelancer or member of a team.



🇺🇸 English - Professional
🇲🇽 Spanish - Native