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Career learner, fantastic communicator, Junior Rails enthusiast. Completed a react bootcamp, self taught python, ruby, and basic web structures before bootcamp. First website was on Geocities in '98

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Having worked in careers that are people-facing, my communication skills are impeccable. I was in church ministry for 10 years, social work for 5, and I've been teaching junior high for the past 2 years while learning modern web development.

My first website was built with HTML for Dummies, hosted on Geocities, and taken down by Fox in 2000. It was a Simpson's Sounds page (.wav files). Since then I've always been the guy in the office to help a co-worker with a page builder website, wordpress, squarespace, wix, etc.

Over the past 2 years I've been devouring learning. I excel with frontend and truly putting my design skills form my art minor to use after all these years. I love the rails way, though i'm still growing in my skills.

I would love to join a team (as a junior) that puts a lot of emphasis on growing the next wave of developers. I'm a good student, humble enough to know that there's so much I don't know, and I use the oxford comma still.