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UX geek became a Rails dev

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Transitioned from UX to DEV three years ago

I always had the calling to make software better / easier to use for customers. For many years I followed that calling by working on the UX of many services. But I truly found my home three years ago when I transitioned into Software engineering, crafting the actual experience for the user instead of designing it.

Customer advocate

I only work on projects I can stand behind, that have an actual solution for actual customers needs. This is what motivates me and what you can expect commitment for.

Tools of Choice: Rails with server side rendered HTML

When it comes to web development, I am convinced we should keep things simple, and most of the time that means, we are better off bypassing the complexity of client side libraries like React, Vue, Angular introduce.

If you are looking for someone to work on an API + client side library style setup, you will find better suited people, if you are looking for someone who has experience with reactive rails and has some contributions to Stimulus Reflex (reactive rails solution), then talk to me.

Last two projects:


Marketplace & ecommerce & marketing solution

To enable independent wineries, we created a marketplace and a custom website solution to drive wine sales. We implemented a limited, opinionated CMS, which held up very nicely and was pulling all the stops Rails provides us.

Techstack: Rails with Stimulus Reflex

Brot Post

Rails App for 40+ bakeries

To empower local bakeries we created a special tool where customers can order bread as a subscription or on demand. A special focus was on making the logistics dead simple for the involved bakeries.

Customers can change their orders within seconds in their self service section, this way they can adjust easily if they are away for a weekend or need more bread because they expect guests.

  • Bakery tool in classic Rails
  • Customer Cockpit in AngularJS
  • Website powered by Hugo