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Seasoned Ruby developer with 12 years of expierence. Business challenges, reliable solutions and balance between tech debt and a modern stack.

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Back-end-oriented full-stack developer with 12 years of experience in Ruby/Rails and JavaScript.
I am currently looking for a back-end or full-stack position within a modern tech team that follows a product company approach.

I have engineering degree.

Key competences:
— Back-end and full-stack software development using Ruby and JS frameworks such as Rails, Sinatra, React;
— Docker, Cloud integrations IaaS, deployments.
— TDD/BDD, SOLID, SOA (Microservices), CI/CD, k8s, Terraform;
— Communication and collaborative skills (I love to learn and share); — Don't mind to expand my stack with Python, Rust or Golang.
— Hobbies: 🏍 motorcycles, bicycles and hiking.

Latest position description:
Technologies: Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, minitest/Rspec, Kafka, Grafana, GCP/GKE, Terraform, Docker, Sentry.
Challenges and duties:
- Design and implement microservices based on Sinatra rack framework with Sequel ORM and Kafka communication with core Rails API. Extract business logic and implement separate API endpoints according to business requirements and GDPR rules.
- For example: Invoicing service with 3rd party API integration to generate and send invoices in Sweden;

  • Customer and orders data handling, scheduled cron and rake scripts with Ruby and Rails;
  • Develop and maintain core Ruby on Rails app, extract its logic into separated services.
  • Update and maintenance of infrastructure e.g. adding Linkerd service mesh and Velero backups to GKE cluster, update Docker images and circleCI/github actions configuration.