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You are creating the next cool-big application and writing your backend with Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails. You got big plans and want to scale your monolith application or create micro-services, I'm your Partner, I got you cover in all fronts.

Look I’m a senior software engineer. As well as an Engineer in Telematics that has been working as a software engineer for 14 years. I’ve been playing as backend, frontend, full-stack, technical lead, lead, and manager in different projects. All these projects have included Ruby and JS with many frameworks like angular, reactJS, and backbone. Therefore I’m a very good senior software engineer who knows all layers of software development. I’m confident with the delivery process also in many of these projects I’ve been responsible for deployments to Heroku, AWS, and engine yard. Having said all this. I feel I can help with software development because it seems you are developing with Ruby on Rails and making choices to get things done using specialize tech for every problem.