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As an experienced developer in startups, I bring drive, grit and proficiency in Rails, Hotwire, Stimulus, View Components, git and Tailwind/Bootstrap. I've got experience improving CI/CD using Github Actions, as well as experience with cloud providers like Google Cloud and AWS. Notable achievements include implementing architectural changes that slashed error rates by ~63%, spearheading the development of a comprehensive test suite for a new app achieving ~92% coverage and improving poor page rendering times by ~70% through careful profiling and targeted changes. I'm also fluent with project management tools and various other development adjacent tools including Linear, Figma, Trello, and Github.

Beyond the technical aspects of the job, I actively engage in community-building initiatives, including organizing Toronto Ruby's monthly meetups and contributing to The Odin Project and Ruby for Good projects. This involvement underscores my commitment to continual growth and skill enhancement.

Outside of the tech realm, I find joy in analog photography, cherishing the creative freedom it affords. I am eager to apply my diverse skill set to creating cultures of collaboration and to contribute to organizational and personal success.