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Full-stack Rails since 2007, ETL Expert, Organizational Leader

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Hi there, I'm Dan!

I'm an engineer who loves delivering happiness to end users through rapid prototyping and delivery. My expertise is in setting architectural vision, but I also thrive wearing multiple hats in fast-paced startup environments. I can cultivate organizational growth by providing effective team leadership, mentorship, and coaching of fellow engineers.

Since focusing my career on Ruby in 2010, I've architected a breadth of products using:
- traditional full-stack and Hotwire-powered Rails,
- Rails APIs for mobile and reactive javascript web clients,
- pure Ruby ETL data pipelines,
- lesser known Ruby frameworks such as Hanami for web, RubyMotion for mobile & DragonRuby for games

My career highlight is building an industry-leading ETL system which powers real-time inventory for billions of GMV on e-commerce menus, along with an automated catalog matching system to upgrade menus with curated product details.

Additionally, I have hands-on experience with the the following related technologies:
- DevOps with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku,,
- Datastores: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, MySQL, DynamoDB
- JS: StimulusJS, Typescript, React, jQuery, Angular
- Swift/iOS, tvOS
- Game dev programming with Godot & GDScript

Let's work together to create something amazing!