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Passionate FullStack Developer with experience in Ruby on Rails , ReactJS , Postgresql

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I am an engineering graduate of the Mechanical Department. I graduated in 2017 after which started preparing for govt exams. During that time I had a health issue and had to take a break from my studies. After I recovered I went to a bootcamp in 2019 for six months. At that time I along with a friend of mine cofounded an ed-tech startup called Concept Learner. However, at the time I did not do any coding as I was still learning the MERN stack in AltCampus Bootcamp. After six months I started to apply for internships and got an offer from BigBinary Solutions Pvt Ltd. In BigBinary I was taught the basics of Ruby and Ruby On Rails. I am glad that my work life started at BigBinary as I got to learn what good code is and what good culture is.

In short, you can expect a resilient and passionate developer from me.