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I'm a chatty full-stack developer from the midwest. I have a BS in CS and good mixture of project and programming experience from this last 15 years. I've lived in a variety of places in the midwest and east coast, working at a number of creative agencies start ups along the way. This last few years I've work for myself, consulting with startups on some of their most challenging needs.

I'm especially talented in my ability to change my focus 'aperture'. I can move between seeing macro level business and strategy requirements and zoom into micro level code adjustments. I also excel at communicating those requirements up and down the chain of command.

Rails may be a giant pile of CRUD but it's an excellent glue to keep this series of tubes held together. I consider myself an enthusiast and a 'full-stack developer' meaning not only do I have a bit of experience at many layers in the HTTP/TCP/IP stack but I also understand the fundamentals so I can learn new things quickly.