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A forever curious dev with an eye for design

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I am a full-stack developer currently building a Rails app to help me track which produce is in season (so I can buy cheaper, and tastier produce), and contributing to open source.

Some of my skills: ruby • rails • git • javascript • react • SQL • python • linux • docker

Besides working on my app, I'm also:
• contributing to open source: helping others and learning a ton while doing it
• taking a DevOps course: my Rails apps won't deploy themselves
• building a React app to see the future: just some silliness with tarot cards

Before becoming a dev, I worked as a designer for over 10 years. I was lucky to work on great projects inside and outside of Brasil. I believe my past as a designer helps me in understanding a project’s structure. From understanding the briefing, the client’s needs, and their user’s needs, to designing a solution. As a designer, I worked both in hybrid and remote offices.