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I’ve developed applications using different technologies such as Ruby to create scripts and executable files based on Entity Relationship Diagrams, also I’ve created Ruby on Rails projects and later design the ERD. I prefer using Postgres as my database server on all my projects. Some of them require choosing a specific design pattern in order to achieve what is intended.
I’ve worked on a CMS, where my main role in a payment integration team was to maintain a private API in charge to handle all the requests from all different payment providers. More specifically I’ve been working with a team to handle one specific provider, and together we interact with the backend and frontend sides of the checkout page in order to keep everything in sync and functional.
Regardless of being a strong backend developer in Ruby, it has been imperative to use my other skills as a front-end developer using ReactJs, and also I have been eager to learn a few more technologies on the surface as PHP, TypeScript, GRPC, and GCP between others. I have to say that those last one I’m not an expert but I know what purposes they serve.
For all the processes where I worked developing applications, I use a version control system such as Git to keep the old versions of the application stored in case something went wrong and look back to restore the version that was working before. On the same platform, I cooperate with other developers giving and receiving feedback, I have to mention that those people went from different nationalities and different cultures sometimes, but it was a pleasure to work with them.
I’ve used through my career as a developer 2 project management methodologies such as Kanban and Jira to create tickets with their respective description of the issues an application could have. Some of them have been reported by the product manager, Q&A, or even by the user.
My main achievement is to see the client happy for receiving something that exceeds his expectations for the payment he did. And as an employee for a company to see the value I give in return for being hired.