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I am a Software Engineer experienced in Ruby on Rails development who got a strong opinion for writing maintainable software following community style guides and best practices.

I know my way in the front-end area using JavaScript and trustworthy CSS. I’m able to deploy software to AWS or Heroku with CircleCI, Github Actions or plain ol’ Bash scripts.

I did formal CS studies but the heart of programming I learned it on my own. Reading posts and books, following tutorials, practicing and coding was they way got really into this thing.

Because of that I love sharing what I've learned throughout my career. I try to post as much as I can in my personal blog and I also wrote a handbook for server configurations. I had the fortune to have a not tech-related history added to an anthology book here in Colombia.

Finally, I started co-organizing Ruby Baq. The local meetup community for the Ruby language. It's been a demanding but very rewarding experience meeting other developers and sharing with them what I've learn while doing Ruby on Rails apps.