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Ruby on Rails Engineer (FullStack Engineer)

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Mujeeb is a Senior Software Engineer with industrial experience of more than 3 years of. Mujeeb has significant expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, NodeJS, React Native, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, RestAPI, etc. Mujeeb is well-experienced with industry practices and scalable code.

Work Experience:

Mujeeb has experience working with SaaS-based enterprise applications. Previously, Mujeeb has worked with SaaS-based products (EZOfficeInventory). Currently, Mujeeb is a Senior Software Engineer with FullStack Skills at Medtryck Sverige AB.

Projects and Features:

Mujeeb has contributed to a number of 3rd party integrations for those SaaS applications.

Some of the features and integrations Mujeeb has worked on are:
- Leading team of 4 developer for Rails migration from 4.2 to 7.
- Architecture to migrate from MySQL to Neo4j.
- Google Workspace Integration.
- JAMF integration.
- Zendesk Integration.
- Developed CMDB module from scratch using D3.js.
- SCIM Integration.
- SCCM Integration.
- SAML workflow.
- Okta integration.
- Azure AD Integration with SAML and SCIM.

Summing Up:
Mujeeb is less or more of a FullStack engineer who is excited about doing challenging tasks and system design.