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Full Stack Developer | Rails, Hotwire, stimulus, vue.js and more| - 7 years experience

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I am a competent and self-driven Full Stack Developer with great oral/written communication and interpersonal skills. Naturally, I value a workplace with excellent communication and an environment that is open and inclusive.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and found myself taking on challenges that have put me out of my comfort zone. Though such challenges were/are difficult, they have enabled me to keep growing professionally and personally. I enjoy breaking down things and figuring out the logic behind how they work. This has made me a better engineer and helped me make better-informed decisions in whatever it demands. I enjoy working with Ruby (Ruby on Rails 5,6,7) and Javascript (es6, React.js, Vue.js) but I'm not shy to try new technologies or concepts.

On a lighter note, I am a big Batman fan.

This is pretty much a short introduction of myself. If you'd like to get to know me, maybe even hire me, or talk about something specific or general, don't hesitate to reach out.