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Experienced Developer | Expert in performance tuning | Self driven | Easy to manage

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I'm a seasoned Ruby on Rails developer with a track record of scaling web applications to over 1 million users. I have 7+ years of experience in Rails.

I have worked with products of various scales from building MVP to scaling applications in the growth stage.

I have built 10+ applications in B2B, B2C, SaaS, internal applications, CMS, and more where I have been in multiple roles including Team Lead, Solo Contributor, and Team member. I have also developed various OpenAI GPT APIs.

I have experience building both RestAPIs and GraphQL APIs.

I make quality applications, I have experience as a product owner and since I am self-driven, You will have an easy time managing me.

I have worked with multiple global remote teams and local remote teams.

In one of my most recent works, I have successfully optimized a high-traffic web application, ensuring seamless user experience under heavy loads.

Other than Rails, I do JavaScript, React, React Native, TailWind CSS, TypeScript, and VueJS

I have a US LLC. I will be able to bill through it if needed.

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