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Business-focused developer with extensive Rails experience

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I've been working almost continuously with Rails since March 2006. I discovered it whilst in the throes of Enterprise Java-ism, and it was a real breath of fresh air. I've loved using it ever since.

I'm extremely business-focused and like to work out functional issues fully to ensure that what I build can be truly useful. I collaborate successfully with all stakeholders to provide high-quality, maintainable solutions.

I've worked on many applications with Rails, from healthcare to corporate legal operations to real estate. I've done greenfield work, enhanced existing applications, and created novel integrations.

I've become much more passionate about pairing the more that I do it. I'm also a big proponent of testing and linting now, as I see how those things can make it much easier to respond to the changes that will inevitably come.

I've seen a lot of things in my long tenure working with Rails and I have a large collection of debugging skills and methods to draw upon to help me solve tricky problems. In addition to ChatGPT, I've been using Github Copilot since its public beta, and find it quite useful. I'm also using JetBrains AI Assistant to help with task automation and code improvement.