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Thank you for reading my Bio

I actually work at a Marketing Technology company back in Brazil.

Until last year, when I joined my current company (Leadster), I've being a hobbyist developer for some years.

I was trilled to join that Martech because I've being dabbling with marketing for as long as I've being a developer. And it's something I feel it's fun to work with.

The reason I like and learned some marketing is because I've built some affiliate websites, using Ruby on Rails, copywriting and SEO techniques.

Those websites, which still earn me some money every month, helped me land that job.

(a Jr role, which was amazing!)

My sites also helped me understand what takes to convert a visitor into a customer.

And now that I'm a bit more experienced programmer, I'd like to take the next step and work with Ruby specialists that will help me grow as a developer.

Although I want to make part of a team where I can actively collaborate with my ideas, as I've being doing back at Leadster.